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Custom Implementation

AccuraImage's inherent flexibility and our incomparable implementation services are clear differentiators that separate Lumtron Technologies from the competition. Every organization is different. Different needs, different wants, different goals. We understand that - and it shows in every implementation that we do.

Most other vendors ask their clients "What would you like to do," and leave it there. Of course, we need to know what your goals are, and what you would like to accomplish with your document management system, too - but what if you're not quite sure about all of the details yet? To many people, the concept of document management is still a little new - and they may not be in a position to clearly iterate an entire list of goals. 

Our Business Analysts work with you, not only to help you determine your goals and what you want to accomplish with your new document management system, but also to analyze your existing workflows, policies, and procedures; to translate those paper-based workflows into "virtual" workflows within your new document management world; to ensure that they appropriately work toward your newly determined goals; and to modify either the workflows, our software, or both as needed to maximize your productivity and compliance gains and how best to reach your goals.