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                                                 Simplifying the Inevitable

SMB Implementation

For far too long, small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) have been forced to choose between feature-rich document management systems that require lengthy and prohibitively-expensive implementation cycles, or "shrink-wrapped" software packages that are easy to implement, but woefully inadequate in terms of functionality.

That frustration has come to an end.

With AccuraImage SMB from Lumtron Technologies, SMBs can now have the best of both worlds. An SMB can enjoy the robust features of our flagship document management solution - but with a shorter implementation cycle that is also much easier on the budget.

Because of the breadth of industries that we service, we are able to provide standardized implementation and integration models for many types of organizations - and the list continues to grow. By leveraging these standardized models, which reflect the most commonly-requested configurations and settings, we can provide our same world-class implementation - but at a far lower price. For many SMBs, this implementation model suits their needs perfectly; but if your organization needs slight modifications, this model provides an excellent starting point from which minor customizations can be applied - still resulting in a much more budget-friendly implementation.