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Training Services

Once an organization's AccuraImage solution has been installed, customized, configured, and thoroughly tested, our world-class training services begin.

Our number-one priority is ensuring that all of your employees are thoroughly trained and comfortable with the new software. Depending upon the unique needs and goals of your organization, the training phase may take on one or more formats:

Remote Training: This is most often requested in SMB (Small-to-Medium Business) implementations, where budgetary concerns are a priority. In this scenario, our trainers conduct one or more classroom-style training sessions via the Internet.

On-Site Training: Clearly, this approach affords the greatest degree of interaction between your staff and our trainers. Depending upon the number of employees to be trained, our trainer(s) may conduct one or more classroom-style training sessions, one-on-one sessions with individual employees, or both. The utilization of both group and individualized approaches - combined with multimedia presentations, thorough reference materials, and multi-sensory (auditory, visual, and tactile) training sessions  - provide a muilti-faceted educational experience which addresses the many varied learning styles that different individuals require.

Both Remote and On-Site Training: In some situations, our trainers may conduct both remote and on-site training sessions. Many organizations feel that if Lumtron conducts one or more introductory sessions via the Internet prior to arriving on-site, the in-house training can be much more detailed - thus providing more depth and maximizing the training experience.