Document Management

Document Management

Lumtron Technologies offers the Best of Breed in document management business solutions.

Our flagship product, AccuraImage™, supports both pre-processing (front-end) and post-processing (back-end) scanning methodologies.

Our highly flexible and powerful AccuraImage™ application, coupled with our world-class implementation process, has made it simple for many prestigious firms to select our solution as their answer to their document management issues. 

What is Document Management?

Document Management is the process of properly storing, managing, and securing all scanned paper documents and electronically-stored information (ESI) in a central repository - the Document Management System.

With the Document Management System, you will be better able to manage the life cycle of all of your documents. Your document filing time and document retrieval time will be significantly reduced. Your ability to secure all documents and comply with HIPAA, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and Sarbanes-Oxley are improved greatly over paper or non-managed digital documents.

In addition, Document Management is an excellent vehicle for organizations looking to secure a business continuity program for their disaster recovery policy. 


  • AccuraImage™ 2013 Enterprise Server & Client Access Licenses - Concurrent
  • AccuraImage™ 2013 Browser Client
  • AccuraImage™ 2013 Tweezor™ Integration Module - For Integration with Windows and Internet Based Systems
  • AccuraImage™ 2013 BarCode / Back End Scanning Module
  • AccuraImage™ 2013 Front End Scanning Module - Single Document and Centralized Batch Processing
  • AccuraImage™ 2013 WorkBench™ Document Assembly and Preparation Module
  • AccuraImage™ 2013 PaperPath™ Document Audit Module
  • AccuraImage™ 2013 Controlled Access Portal (CAP) Internet Collaboration Module
  • AccuraImage™ 2013 Briefcase Module
  • AccuraImage™ 2013 Workflow Module
  • AccuraImage™ 2013 Full Text Search OCR Module