Professional Services

Professional Services

Even the best document management system in the world is completely useless if it is not installed and implemented properly.

This is the number-one reason we take the implementation process so seriously. We want you to be absolutely excited about your new AccuraImage solution when the implementation process is finished.

Our world-class implementation process takes the following multi-phase approach: 

Phase 1=Technical Installation

Lumtron's experienced technicians will perform your AccuraImage technical installation for you - either on-site, or remotely - whichever suits your unique situation and needs. We will install all Lumtron-provided software onto your server(s) and scanning station(s), properly configure the software for your implementation, and fully test the installation. This allows your own I.T. staff to concentrate on their day-to-day duties without having to worry about performing a complete software installation as well. You can rest assured that your software has been set up precisely as it should be, and is ready for the next phase of your implementation. 

Phase 2= Custom Implementation

AccuraImage's inherent flexibility and our incomparable implementation services are clear differentiators that separate Lumtron Technologies from the competition. Every organization is different. Different needs, different wants, different goals. We understand that - and it shows in every implementation that we do.

Most other vendors ask their clients "What would you like to do," and leave it there. Of course, we need to know what your goals are, and what you would like to accomplish with your document management system, too - but what if you're not quite sure about all of the details yet? To many people, the concept of document management is still a little new - and they may not be in a position to clearly iterate an entire list of goals. 

Our Business Analysts work with you, not only to help you determine your goals and what you want to accomplish with your new document management system, but also to analyze your existing workflows, policies, and procedures; to translate those paper-based workflows into "virtual" workflows within your new document management world; to ensure that they appropriately work toward your newly determined goals; and to modify either the workflows, our software, or both as needed to maximize your productivity and compliance gains and how best to reach your goals. 

Phase 3= SMB Implementation

For far too long, small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) have been forced to choose between feature-rich document management systems that require lengthy and prohibitively-expensive implementation cycles, or "shrink-wrapped" software packages that are easy to implement, but woefully inadequate in terms of functionality.

That frustration has come to an end.

With AccuraImage SMB from Lumtron Technologies, SMBs can now have the best of both worlds. An SMB can enjoy the robust features of our flagship document management solution - but with a shorter implementation cycle that is also much easier on the budget.

Because of the breadth of industries that we service, we are able to provide standardized implementation and integration models for many types of organizations - and the list continues to grow. By leveraging these standardized models, which reflect the most commonly-requested configurations and settings, we can provide our same world-class implementation - but at a far lower price. For many SMBs, this implementation model suits their needs perfectly; but if your organization needs slight modifications, this model provides an excellent starting point from which minor customizations can be applied - still resulting in a much more budget-friendly implementation. 

Phase 4= Training Services

Once an organization's AccuraImage solution has been installed, customized, configured, and thoroughly tested, our world-class training services begin.

Our number-one priority is ensuring that all of your employees are thoroughly trained and comfortable with the new software. Depending upon the unique needs and goals of your organization, the training phase may take on one or more formats:

Remote Training: This is most often requested in SMB (Small-to-Medium Business) implementations, where budgetary concerns are a priority. In this scenario, our trainers conduct one or more classroom-style training sessions via the Internet.

On-Site Training: Clearly, this approach affords the greatest degree of interaction between your staff and our trainers. Depending upon the number of employees to be trained, our trainer(s) may conduct one or more classroom-style training sessions, one-on-one sessions with individual employees, or both. The utilization of both group and individualized approaches - combined with multimedia presentations, thorough reference materials, and multi-sensory (auditory, visual, and tactile) training sessions  - provide a muilti-faceted educational experience which addresses the many varied learning styles that different individuals require.

Both Remote and On-Site Training: In some situations, our trainers may conduct both remote and on-site training sessions. Many organizations feel that if Lumtron conducts one or more introductory sessions via the Internet prior to arriving on-site, the in-house training can be much more detailed - thus providing more depth and maximizing the training experience.